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Note: If you have problems accessing your Molecular Laboratory examination results online, please call the Molecular Laboratory Department at 874-8515 (Local 953). Make sure pop-ups is enabled in your browser.

Confidentiality and Disclaimer

To protect patient’s privacy and safety, certain examination results may not be available online depending on their nature and sensitivity as determined by PHMC-LP. For these examinations, proceed to Molecular Laboratory to secure the official result.

PHMC-LP recognizes and values your data privacy rights in compliance with Data Privacy Act and its implementing rules and regulations. Molecular Laboratory examination results and any information transmitted with PHMC-LP are confidential and intended solely for the use of the authorized individuals whom username, password and security code are provided.

Once examination result is duly issued/released to authorized individuals, or patient/doctor concerned in accordance with the stringent rules of PHMC-LP, the same shall be handled by the said authorized individuals, or patient/doctor concerned with utmost confidentiality in accordance with data privacy laws. Otherwise, said authorized individual, or patient/doctor concerned shall be liable for any misuse or data loss.

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